Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling Negative About Negativity

I've been thinking a lot lately about negativity, since that is the "reason" my boss threw into my termination letter.

What I did to spark my firing was indeed negative by its definition: "refusing consent, as to a proposal." Although, strictly speaking, I didn't refuse the request to violate professional ethics. I only stated I was uncomfortable doing so and itemized the ways doing such a thing would damage the magazine and our company.

I was terminated before I had a chance to refuse.

Despite the accusation to the contrary, I've come to believe that I am not a negative person; I was simply in a negative situation. Negativity to my boss was asking her to interact in some way with a difficult situation or any type of request. The couple of times I had the "negative" thrown at me all dealt with me asking for a raise or more money for something. My boss wanted shiny, happy employees, grateful to be allowed to provide their expertise for below industry wages.

That's her right. It's her company, so she can pay people what she wants.

And, it's my right not to violate my profession's ethics.

I just wished it paid better.

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